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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
lông, lông thú color:Gray/Blue
Eye color:Blue:grean
Best friend:Salty
Family: Winston (Father-in-Law) Eve (Mother-in-law) Lilly (Sister-in-Law) Garth (Brother-in-Law
yêu thích hobby:Log sledding, howling
yêu thích food: Cupcake


Q: When did bạn first like Kate?
A:I always have had a crush on her.

Q: Why do bạn like cupecakes?
A:They are fluffy and sweet and diferent tasting!

Q:How old are you?
A:I'm 4 in human years and 28 in Wolf/dog years.

Q:Who are your parents?
A:It's a secret! I'll just say that they were wolves.

Q:How do bạn feel about haveing Eve as an in-law?
A:Well I try to keep her happy. I usualy just stay away from her.
Scene 4:

(After leaving the territory, the group starts to get to work. Stinky is sniffing the air.)
Humphrey: Well, Stinky. What do bạn smell?
Stinky: You, but younger and less mature.
(Humphrey laughs nervously)
Humphrey: Yep, that's definitely me.
Kate: Anything else, Stinky?
Stinky: Hold on.
(Stinky sniffs the air again, then sniffs down towards the ground.)
Stinky: There's a trail. It's faint, but it's there. It's leading deeper into the forest.
Runt: Well, let's go see where it leads.
Claudette: Yeah Stinky, lead the way.
Stinky: Okay, follow me.
(They begin to slowly head into the woods, with Stinky...
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posted by tony_wolf
last night claw and i were having a nice meat feast of caribou deer wilderbeast and a bit of today when garth came cuốc đất, hoe from alpha school he then i woke upsaid dad can bạn come to my meeting so i did he was 3rd ranked in the whole school and giống cúc, daisy 2nd and kate 1st so i got him a treat. I
đã đưa ý kiến he could do whatever he wanted hoặc buy anything he wanted that night I had a bad dream
.I was in a fight and garth was trying to save me but before he got there i fell on the ground
and they started biting me then i got up

read thêm part 2 coming soon
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