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posted by HumphreyWolf11
This is my story…………..
*Story starts*
NOTE:Slazes is my friend but this is not his actual name its his Minecraft tên người dùng and i didn’t want to expose his name
P.S:I Will now write longer for chapters say 4 Pages of writing
PPS:I Will not reveal my actual name its too embarrassing
“School school school I hate it”I say walking towards my school
I Continue walking but I felt odd like something was watching me
I Look around and see nothing so I get to the back school gate and I feel a Burning pain in my left calf
“AGHHHHHH”I Scream in pain as I see a Rabid chó sói, sói biting my calf
Someone Kills it with a Wooden branch I Faint at the look of my leg Massacred to pieces
I Woke up in consciousness in a hospital giường about 5 hours after the incident
“Aughh I feel sick”I say coughing and lifting the blanket to see my Left leg Covered in bandages
“Don’t worry your fine luckily that chó sói, sói didn’t have any rabies I don’t know how but bạn will be fine”A Doctor goes into my Hospital room
I Start to doze off thinking about Người sói and fanpop until I felt a weird Tingling around my whole body I looked at my skin which was starting to develop Hairs I hid under the blankets more
“Is there something wrong”A Nurse looks at me
“No no its just cold”I Say While the hairs abnormally shrink back
“Anywho like I was saying bạn should be fine to leave in a week’s time hoặc so”The doctor tells me and leaves
“Hello son”My mother kisses me
“We brought your laptop over so bạn could still use it while bạn were in Hospital”My dad says giving my Toshiba laptop to me
“Thanks mum and dad”I say hugging my dad and mum
They leave as I type away on the laptop
“Wolves I never knew there were any in New ZeSlazesd except for Zoo’s”I say thinking about No internet and fanpop and Người sói AND NO GLOBETROTTER!
“Damn!”I Say slamming my hand on the bed
Hairs began to pop out again as I looked at my ngẫu nhiên transformation I seen that my hands were no longer Hands they were paws
And I looked at my legs that were Hind legs? I looked at my behind to see a Tail
I Went to reach up and click the emergency button but if I did I would be either killed Experimented on hoặc be a freak so I thought a opposite thought of Người sói I Thought of a image of myself for 8 giây and…
The hairs shrinked away My paws went back to hands and my tail disappeared
“Ummmh”I say Freaking out
“Oh well……”I say
*The tiếp theo day*
“Uhhh im hungry”I say
“Here is your breakfast menu”A Nurse hands me a clipboard and a pen
“Thank you”I say nghề viết văn down what I wanted
I twiddled my thumbs and turned the TV On and watched a Discovery Program about wolves
“Wolves are very social động vật and are also quite dominant also”The TV Blares out
“Ahh this is para…..OUCH”I say feeling a weird pain in my wound
“What the he…l”I say peeking into the bandages to see that the wound that was shredded apart was now Healed I click the Call nurse button
“Yes”Nurse Vivvian rushes in
“I Don’t know what happened but my leg has healed within the night”I say with OMG Eyes staring at my Healed leg
“Umm”She says running out to get a doctor
“Well I see hmm I don’t know how this happened hoặc so but I guess bạn could go trang chủ now because bạn seem to be in tip hàng đầu, đầu trang shape..but we will need to run a few test before bạn go like Blood test and all that kind of stuff”Doctor George says holding a Clipboard
“Now Nurse Vivvian Could bạn grab me a Needle so I can get a Blood test”Doctor George says grabbing some rubber gloves
“Now boy this will be fast but it might hurt a bit”He says grabbing the Needle from Nurse Vivvian
“Ouch!”I Exclaim in pain as he draws blood into the Needle and removes it
“Now we need to do a blood test it shouldn’t take very long”Doctor George says walking out
*16 Hours later*
“Your Blood test was clear bạn can go with your parents now”Doctor George Says
“Oh son”my mom and dad say hugging me
*On the ride home*
“The school đã đưa ý kiến bạn have 2 weeks to recover”My Mom says hanging the phone up
I Exclaim with happiness silently
We drive back home
“Okay mom”I say jumping into my room
I Close the curtains and the door and lock the door and I Morph myself into a wolf
“Sweet lets try and play PS3”I say fumbling with the controller
“NO SCOPE”I yell with happiness as I shoot someone across the map
My parents knock at the door I Morph back into Human form and unlock the door
“Are bạn okay?”My mum says
“Yes im fine”I say
“We got bạn some Blurays to watch”My Mom hands me 4 Rented Blurays from the rental store
“Thanks”I say closing off MW2 And đang tải one on the Adjustment Bureau.
*2 Hours later*
“Awesome video”i say sighing
I Tell my parents i was going to Slazess house. I Walk outside and go towards the field at the time it was 3:00PM So people were leaving from my Intermediate and i saw my friend Slazes walking over the field
I Creep up to him trotting along
“HEY SLAZES!”i say giving him a fright
“Oh hi bạn gave me a fright”He says
“I Heard of what happened with that ngẫu nhiên Rabid wolf”Slazes says
“Yes i don’t know where the hell it came from perhaps a zoo?”i say
“And can bạn keep a Ultimately weird secret?”I Say whispering quietly to him
“Yes....What is it?”He says looking at me
“Come here in these bushes”i say pointing towards some bushes
“Okay...”he says
“Okay so this may be really weird but cope with it until i explain”i say closing my eyes
I Morph into a wolf
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”He Prepares to freak out
“DONT Freak out!”i say
“You can talk?”he says still freaked out
“Yes i can”i say
“So anyway can i come to your house?
“Yes i think so”Slazes says
“Sweet”i say
We walk out of the bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush i casually blend in as a Dog
“This disguise is very good”He says
“Yes but if anyone find out it would be terrible”i say
“Yeah...i guess your Fanatic for Người sói attracted one”He jokes
We Mess around till we get to his place
“Well i guess i need to morph back can i go in your garage?”I Say
“I Will see if anyone is there”Slazes says peeking into the nhà để xe door
“Nope quick get in”He says
“Okay remember not to freak out”i say a bit worried and a bit annoyed
I Morph back into Human form
“I Have to admit thats pretty cool”Slazes says
“Yeah it is”i say
“Can bạn turn into other stuff?”He asks
“Dont know i will try”i say thinking about a...Cat
I Almost fainted of deprivation of breath
“Nope only wolf”i say
*At 8PM*
“Okay i guess i have to go”i say walking outside
“Meet me on Hamachi!”He says as i jump into my parents car
*At home*
“Okay goodnight mom”i say hugging my mom goodnight
I jump into giường and pray
“Dear god im not sure if i should hide this ability as i may seem like a freak a weirdo hoặc something else but god i pray that bạn will help me..Amen”i pray finishing and falling asleep
(Dream start)
“What the hell”i exclaim as i see a pile of blood and flesh splashing onto me i look at myself which is ripped apart i look around the sky was tinted with a nuclear haze of red and trái cam, màu da cam i exclaimed to see that it was in my hometown!
“Arghhhh....AHH”i scream in pain as i feel something biting me i look to see a con quạ that was Pecking my flesh
“Get off”i swat it away looking at my exposed chest
I slowly start to bleed out and die of Radiation
(Dream end)
“AGHHH NOOOOOOOO”i scream as i wake up looking at my giường and digital clock
“5AM”I Say shaking my head in disagreement at how early I woke
“But it was a bad dream”I say
“Might as well go outside”I say
I Go outside and look at the moon which was full
I Morphed and I began to howl listening to chó that were barking
I Stopped and realised about my parents and I went inside
“Phew that was close”I Say forgetting about still being in my chó sói, sói form
I Sniff in the air and catch a slight odour Meat…..I Start to slowly drool from the word I hadn’t eaten for a few hours but it wasn’t my parents fault I chose to not eat at my Những người bạn house. But as I strolled to the Freezer Door I seen my mèo Bigger One and Little One. they stand in a aggressive stance I attempt to calm them bởi Imitating my cat Bigger ones Meow(I Can actually imitate a meow)He seems to stand for awhile and slowly but cautiously approaches me while im a wolf
I Nudge him
“Lets see what we have in the freezer”I say opening the lid on the freezer which was actually quite easy to do it
“Maybe just this Porkchop”I say grabbing the Plastic wrapped Porkchop which seemed to Be like a sponge holding blood I freed it from the Shelf and began to eat it
My mèo began to meow begging for some
A Instinct began to make me growl at the mèo and my hackles raised
I Stopped this when I could and Grabbed some of the Chop and thrown it to them
“Mmmm”my mouth watered while i chomped on the chop
I Start to chew the bone attempting to scrape the marrow out but i never liked it...but i guess it should be nice to eat but i heard footsteps
“Ughh another cat”My dad starts to walk sleepily into the phòng bếp, nhà bếp getting ready to shoo the supposed cat which was me
“A Dog?”my dad mutters sleepily
He pets me for awhile and goes to the toilet
I Quickly switch back into human form and he leaves the toilet
“Urghh Son why are bạn up Get back to giường and did bạn see a dog inside?”He says sleepily
“No i wasn’t in here i just went to grab my máy bơm bottle
He stumbles to giường and i walk to giường grabbing my máy bơm drink bottle as i passed
“Time to go to sleep”i say morphing chó sói, sói and sipping my drink bottle then going to sleep
(Dream start)
“Y U NO LIKE ME”A Voice kept repeating over and over
“AUGHH LEAVE ME ALONE”i clench my head in insanity at hearing it over and over and over
(Dream abruptly ends)
“Ughhhh hell that was weird”I Say patting myself with my paws
“Half past Eight its a mystery my parents haven’t seen me”i say jumping out of giường and going outside and taking a walk
“Issss that it cant be”My neighbour exclaims
“Nah its only a dog”He says walking back inside
“Phew that was close”i silentely whisper and continue walking around highbury
“I Really need a collar”i say
I run towards the field and run around. After 30 phút i run back home
“My nice warm...”i say getting abruptedly stopped as i trip and Cut my Leg on the curb
“Aghh”i howl in pain
I Limp trang chủ to my giường and start licking my wound
“GNNhhh”i stagger in pain as i lie on my giường licking my wound
“Son! Breakfast”my mom calls out
I Quickly morph back into my human form and lie in giường covering my wound
“Its Nutella on toast”She says giving me it
“Thanks mom”i say
She leaves the room as i look at my leg which had a gash in it and was bleeding onto my sheets
I Quickly morph to chó sói, sói and start to stop the bleeding
After about 5 phút the blood stopped coming
“Phew”i say Grabbing the bánh mì nướng off the plate with my mouth
“It seems to not be as satisfying as before”i say munching the bánh mì nướng down
I grab my máy bơm drink bottle and pull the hàng đầu, đầu trang open with my jaws and hold the bottle with my paws
“this is actually quite hard”i say fumbling with the water bottle
“Lets try licking out of a saucer”i say grabbing a plate/saucer and filling it with water and laying it on the ground
I Lick the water trying to master the technique
“This is way thêm simple”i say
“but oh well”i say licking the water off my lips and walking outside
I sniff the morning breeze as i prance on my front lawn
“Hmm isn’t that the dog i seen last night”My dad talks from inside i could hear him from my chó sói, sói hearing
I turn around and look at him...He goes outside and goes up to me
“Heh im sure my son will tình yêu you”My dad says looking for a collar
“Son! Son”He yells inside
While he goes inside i quickly hide and morph into my human form
“Oh there bạn are son i seen this perfect dog”He says
“What did he look like”i fake a interested glance at him
“Well he had a greyish lông, lông thú with bluish lông, lông thú but i don’t know but bạn should have seen it”My dad says
“Okay dad im going to go for a walk”i say to my dad
“Okay”he says
I go to the field and hide in a bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush i morph there and walk back to my house in chó sói, sói form
“Woof”i woof apparently
I walk inside
“Ohh....Its a dog?”My mom looks at me weirdly
“Hold on”My dad appears out of the toilet and looks at me
“Shall we take him he is a stray”He says
My mom thinks for awhile and looks at me for awhile
“Okay...”She says
“But wont the mèo be upset”She says looking at my cat Bigger one who was meowing for food
“Nope look”He says as i nudge the mèo in a friendly way
“Well i guess we need dog food”She says
“DOG FOOD”i almost blurt out but keep it as a thought
I Go up to the computer and to make it not seem that i knew how to use i used my Snout to press the keys
I spelt “I’mj as wuildf” on purpose
My parents are looking at me in awe im not sure if it was good but it seemed weird
“I Think it says im a wolf”my mom says đọc the jumbled letters
“Yes but is it”my dad looks at me
I tilt my heads sidewards in a mysterious way
And thats my first chapter
Thanks for đọc tiếp theo chapter coming out soon
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The Người sói all gathered around Tony's den, Garth had dragged his body out for everyone to see. Several sobs and sniffs were herd through the crowd. Garth pointed his nose to the sky and let out a deep sorrowful howl. The rest of the Người sói followed suit and the whole valley was filled with the beautiful song of mournful howling. Humphrey looked at Tony, the greatest Alpha he had and would ever meet. He had been like a fatherly figure to him in the past months, now gone forever.

Using two hollowed out logs they made a coffin for him and dug a hole and placed it in there. Golden light streamed...
continue reading...
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