so, "Alpha and Omega" was awesome, hilarious, sweet, emotional and tổng thể a fantastic movie. now, that the awesome sequel came out in October, let's review it! i'm really happy it was made.
"Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure". alright, so y'all know this: i'm a huge "Alpha and Omega" fanatic, i tình yêu this first movie, it was amazing and it had everything i was looking for. i don't give a shit what others say, as long as i tình yêu this movie, that's what matters. and finally, in October we get the sequel we always been waiting for. so in "Alpha and Omega 2", we get to see Kate and Humphrey again. they're married now, they're the new leaders of the pack and they got 3 adorable puppies: Stinky, Claudette and Runt. admit that bạn wanna snuggle with em, cause they're just so damn cute. also Stinky's called Smokey in the UK version of the movie. anyway, they're all getting ready for the giáng sinh and the holidays and it's all sweet and good, but then something happens. Runt gets kidnapped bởi a bunch of other Người sói who wanna kill our main characters and get full control of Jasper Park, bởi using Runt as their bait. so now it's up to Kate, Humphrey and the rest of the gang to find Runt, take the rogues down and go back before they get trapped bởi the winter. now, we got our sweet sequel and it's AWESOME!
yea, it was definitely awesome! i just loved how they were ballsy enough to take a different direction with the sequel, and a really good direction too. there's so many stuff i loved about "Alpha and Omega 2". first of all, this had the same thumbs-up like first movie: it had some really sweet writing! the characters are great and relatable, and they got layers, which is awesome.
ya know, Humphrey's the main character in this movie, he's living the life with the girl of his dreams (Kate) and he's awesome! what i liked about Humphrey's that he know what he's capable of this time. yea, he's still bumbling and lovable, he still goofs around with the other Omega guys, but now he knows how to be a good dad, and he's responsible. Humphrey kinda reminded me of Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles. ya know, he's fun loving, he's funny, he's not the best turtle, but he still knows his karate and he throws. same goes for Humphrey: he's not the best wolf, but he's still awesome at what he does, and i loved seeing that. tiếp theo we got Kate in the movie, and she owns it again. and the reason why i loved seeing her back - other than the fact that she's, ya know, ridiculously hot - it's that she isn't as serious as she was back in "Alpha and Omega 1". i mean yea, she's still responsible, she kicks a lotta đít, mông, ass and she throws down; but she also proves to be lovable too. we finally get to see Kate's fun-loving side again ever since the first movie. she's really awesome at what she does, ya know: she's smart, cunning, totally sexy (i really mean it too, she's definitely sexy), and she owns the movie. this girl knows how to throw down. Kate's like the chó sói, sói version of Catwoman, that's awesome!
and the greatest surprise in the movie was in fact Lilly. yea, remember when Lilly used to be this really timid, cute and beautiful Omega girl? well, she's still cute and beautiful, but she didn't do that much "Alpha and Omega 1". in the sequel, she's bad ass! i thought that was awesome, cause ever since the first movie i been like "Lilly's cute, beautiful and all, but what if she's something even more?" this movie gave me that and it was awesome! and this time, Lilly's a lot less shier and thêm involved. like Kate, she knows her responsibilities this time, she'll do anything to protect her family, and that awesome to see. without her, this wouldn't feel like an appropriate sequel, so it was great seeing her again. great job, Lilly! you're awesome, girl.
the diễn xuất was really good too. this was really surprising, cause in "Alpha and Omega 2" we don't get the original voice cast back. yea, it's not Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere this time, it's somebody else. but the greatest thing's that these people surprisingly know how to act, they pulled it off perfectly. and they sound exactly like the original cast, cause there were a few times in this movie where i was like "Holy shit! These people sound just like Justin and Hayden!" sequels don't really do that with new casts, but this one did it and it was perfect.
the problem was that the phim hoạt hình of "Alpha and Omega 2" was weaker compared to the phim hoạt hình of "Alpha and Omega 1". yea, the sequel still has some beautiful shots of the mountains and the rivers, but there was a few times where i was like "I wished they cleaned the phim hoạt hình thêm there". i gotta admit, i loved this movie but some of the movements at the characters were a bit off-putting and i wished that they could've worked on it a bit more. and another problem was that it was a bit too short. "Alpha and Omega 2" only clocks in about 47 phút long. and the ending kinda felt abrupt too, like everything was just hitting the climax, it was getting awesome and i was like "Okay, here we go. This is gonna be the best thing i seen ever!" but then, it just kinda ends. the climax felt rushed and i was like "What?! Okay... abrupt but here we are". like Princess just runs off. i would've loved it if they actually showed us what happen to Princess, but she just runs off, kinda makes me wonder why.
despite these 2 bummers, "Alpha and Omega 2" was fantastic, it was the perfect sequel to my all time yêu thích movie. it had solid humor, i swear to god, i was laughing my đít, mông, ass off in a few scenes, they were hilarious. great moments in this movie, and i really loved the moral of the story too. it's about doing what's right, and that no matter where bạn are hoặc what bạn get, there's nothing better in the world than having a family of your own. this movie nailed that perfectly and it also re-captured the spirit of giáng sinh and the first movie. that was great. i think i'm getting obsessed with both movies, they're my favorites.

"Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure" absolutely is... Awesometacular!

finally, holy shit! i almost gave hope. and yea, i didn't get to review it back in October when it came out, cause i was too busy so i reviewed it today. i can't wait for A&O 3 in March. i just hope it's just as great.