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posted by awesomesonic
Part 1


I can't believe that Sonic choose Sally instead of me...

I walked along the sidewalk passing the playground toward my house. Tears were pouring out of my sad Jade eyes, and were running down my puff cheeks. 'I can't believe how incredibly stupid I was to actually believe that Sonic was going to choose me instead of Sally,...but I was wrong...' I thought now walking through the woods with only trees and bushes rustling from the wind.

I cried far too much that I couldn't handle it anymore. I stopped and sat under a big willow cây with its leaves falling down and I cried my heart...
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Part 7

Jealousy: Is this some kind of tình yêu triangle? hoặc tình yêu Square?

When Silver and I walked into the store I saw that he was amazed at everything and everyone around him going crazy just to get the latest fashion.

I entwined my fingers with his and lead him over to a bench where I sat down to get some rest and talk to him, "So Silver, what types of clothing do bạn like to wear?" I asked smiling at him.

Silver looked at me with lust in his eyes. 'Shit does he have to do this to me now.' I looked away from him and tried to find some sort of map to the mall.

"Ah there they are." I đã đưa ý kiến getting up...
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posted by awesomesonic
Part 6

Long time, no see

I came downstairs to find breakfast on the bàn ready. I looked around to see if Amy was around, huh, that's when the door slammed open.

"Oh Silver your awake!" Amy đã đưa ý kiến running to me and hugged me tightly.

I kissed her forehead, "Where have bạn been?" I asked kind of concerned.

"Oh well I was just at Cream's." she đã đưa ý kiến licking my lips, "Now eat up cause we're going shopping." she then shoved a thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói in my mouth.

I chewed it and grabbed one as well, "Hey Amy." I hide the thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói behind my back.

"Yes Sil..." I cut her off bởi shoving the thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói in her mouth. She chewed on it and...
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posted by awesomesonic
Part 5

My tim, trái tim Knows Best

I woke up from the hát of the birds outside and I awoke in the arms of someone who I tình yêu with all my heart. I know it sounds silly that a girl can fall in tình yêu in just one ngày but I did. I cuddled up to Silver hugging him tightly and kissing his cheeks before I got out of giường and changed really quick to make breakfast and maybe go shopping with him later.

I ran down the stairs when I was in my clothes and made some eggs with bacon. I poured some trái cam, màu da cam nước ép, nước trái cây for him in a clear glass before leaving.

I was on my way to Cream's to tell her the good news of my new love....
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posted by awesomesonic
Part 4

Lust hoặc Love

The movie ended and Amy fell asleep laying down on my lap and I couldn't help but play with her beautiful now long màu hồng, hồng hair. The last time I remembered her hair was short up to her chin and now it's so long and incredibly soft like Angel hair.

Somehow I feel like the need to keep her bởi my side and protect her from anything and anyone who will harm her.


The loud knocking of someone awoke me from my trance and I slowly lifted Amy's head and brought a cái gối, gối using my power and laid her head on it before heading for the door. I opened the door to find Sonic...
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posted by awesomesonic
Part 3


I was looking through the romantic phim chiếu rạp when all of a sudden I hear Sonic and Silver's voices. I walked quietly to where the voices were and I hid.

"Sup Silver Freak." Sonic đã đưa ý kiến smiling at him.

Silver smirked at him and shook his hand, "Hey Iblis Trigger!" he then laughed, "What have bạn been up?"

Sonic grinned and scratched his nose like he always does, "Well I've been kicking Egghead's butt like always and trying to keep everyone an toàn, két an toàn from trouble, how about you?"

Yeah not to mention I made Amy cry cause I choose Sally over her! I thought as I kept watching.

"Well I've been restoring...
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posted by awesomesonic
Chapter 2

"A little, friendly conversation"

I ordered the turkey sub with everything and Amy ordered chicken breast with only spinach, tomato, lettuce, and mayo which is a pretty good sandwich, bánh sandwich as well.

"So Silver what have bạn been up to lately?" she asked smiling sweetly at me.

"Well I've been helping the whole city on repairs and looking for survivors." I đã đưa ý kiến taking a bite of my turkey sub.

She took a bite of her sandwich, bánh sandwich and when she was done chewing it she asked, "Did bạn find any survivors?"

I sipped on my cô ca and answer, "Yes, about two thousand people were hiding in an underground cave."...
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