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Juliana_House posted on Mar 22, 2010 at 02:03AM
I figured it was time to have a fourm topic of "You know you're obsessed when" because they're SO much fun to read...partly because it's all true.

So I'll start with a few of my obsessions, and you can take it from here!


You know you're obsessed when...

1- You wear you're Mad Hatter hat any chance you get, (School, every time you watch Alice in theaters, shopping, ect)

2- You wear red and blue thimbles as fashion accessories

3- You have 2 weeks worth of Alice in Wonderland T-shirts that you constantly wear (you almost forgot you had other T-shirts that didn't have Tarrant, Iracebeth or Chessur on them)

4- Your poster of Tarrant hangs on the celing right above your bed. (Because there's no more room on the walls)

5- You could/can perfectly quote the movie after only 2 viewings.

6- You've somehow managed to find a HQ version, and play it on your iPod any chance you get

7- Other people ask you if you've seen the movie yet, then quickly take that back and ask you how MANY times you've seen it

8- You only draw Tarrant/Chessur in your doodles (or quotes from the movie)

9- You're constantly drinking tea *sips*

10- People fear for you're mental health (if you still have any sanity left, that is)

11- Your best friend has only seen it once and you wonder how you're still best friends

12- Your inviting your best friend over for the weekend to take her to see Alice in theaters again

13- You bought anything Alice you could lay your hands on (or afford at the time)

14- You saved up for March 5th for over a year so you COULD afford anything Alice related

15- Your parents still ended up paying for some of the Alice merch anyway (NOT my fault, the videogames were expensive)

16- You've lost count of how many times you've seen it. No matter HOW hard you tried to keep track

17- You wear your green Mad Hatter contacts every day

18- You're reading/writing one of these 'You know you're obsessed when'
 I figured it was time to have a fourm topic of "You know you're obsessed when" because they're SO muc
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