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posted by HinoriAkasun
 Yea. I just felt like putting this so this is wut the fun is going to be about. Made bởi me
Yea. I just felt like putting this so this is wut the fun is going to be about. Made by me

Well this is it. this is another series I will be doing besides HInoriAkasuns Diary. This one is just about her life but not written bởi her in a book. Here I will give bạn a start up.

"Hey whats up" Tobi đã đưa ý kiến as he was eating his lollipop."welcome to MY new series!!" Tobi said.
"What are bạn talking about hmm" Deidara đã đưa ý kiến looking very hotheaded. "We all know this is Hinori's series bạn dumba**" Hidan đã đưa ý kiến looking very easy but still getting upset with Tobi. "Hinori is going to find us in here (hinoris bedroom) and is going to kick us out". Deidara...
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OK Akatsuki fans. I am proud to have bạn in the group but the problem is that no one is helping. I am not the creater of Akatsuki Members (New Generation) Club but the owner isnt keeping this place together. I tình yêu Akatsuki and I am sure that bạn guys do to but I cant keep that tình yêu up all bởi myself. We have a goal:
To keep Akatsuki together bởi writing, adding links,adding images, adding picks and other stuff. I would tình yêu for all of us to hiển thị our tình yêu for them. Sure bạn got places to go and peaple to see. So do I but I try keeping this place together. Please, do the same. I tình yêu bạn guys for actually hiển thị value to this group bởi joining us and a big thank bạn from me <3 but we need thêm help.
tình yêu bạn AND HELP ME BUILD OUR CLUB!!! <3
posted by HinoriAkasun
Well another lame ngày with these lamos and with Deidara blowing the sh*t out of tobi. Hidan pretty much sat in his room all ngày doing nothing but weather he was praying hoặc cutting himself :(. Poor Hidan. Well Itachi was being chased bởi người hâm mộ girls and we are planing to get a new member to replace Konan. (she defected so I call her chicken) XD.Well leader is finding and picking a new member. Male hoặc Female doesnt matter in this case. Well I will see bạn later. PEACE OUT HOMESCKILLETS XD.(I felt like saying that) XD

bạn heard that. Got an Akatsuki member? ngôi sao him hoặc her in my storys.
tình yêu YA
posted by HinoriAkasun
July 6 2010
Joining The Akatsuki aint as easy as it looks. And maybe getting along with the guys might be ok.....D:. But I do want the leader and everyone to get used to me and like me but Konan is a pain, Itachi is EMO, Deidara is ok I guess I like his art. And Hidan is just as religious as I am so he really understands but his partner is an annoying person Hidan always tells me. But I guess Leader is the only one I need to get used to and he needs to get used to me. But he is leader and I need to respect him ya know. But anyways it was a fue days before my b-day and everyone was diễn xuất strange.......
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posted by ShadowtheHedgie
Aiko Marin
I am leader of the akatsuki
SEX: Female
VILLAGE:Hidden Leaf Village
HISTORY: xGot abbandoned at the age of 5 found bởi Sasukes son. Sasukes son is named Jesse. Aiko and Jesse ran away fro the village. His mom and dad were part of the akatsuki. They ran to the akatsukis hide out and talk to his parents. They figured out Aiko is their duaghter but got taken away from them.

LOOK: Brownish blondeish hair, with blueish silverish eyes and pale palle skin.
Wears a áo choàng like the akatsukis