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Me: xin chào guys here's my theory about Marcy's life. It's just an opinion with all the knowledge I've obtained about her. các bình luận (please refrain from mean ones, they really hurt) are gladly accepted. Now sit back, relax and read the bài viết below!
Before the war, Marceline was half-human, half-demon. Her father, Hunson Abadeer, left her in the hands of her mother as he left to rule the Nightosphere. The war started when Marcy was 4 (or 7, whatever!). Her mother died in war. Leaving Marceline on her own.

Marceline was left there, crying in what was left of...
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Here's some Adventure Time songs....

All Gummed Up Inside
I can't keep pushing this down, any deeper.
Why do I keep trying if I can't keep her?
Every di chuyển I make, is just another mistake.
I wonder what it'll take?
It feels like there's a hole inside my body.
A hole inside my heart.
I wonder if this feeling is gonna consume me?
If I keep waiting for this thing to start.
It feels like I'm all gummed up inside, (x2)
It feels like I'm all gummed up insi~iii~iiide~.

All Warmed Up Inside
Oh, Flame Princess,
I think you're rad,
I really wanna Kiss you,
Right in front of your dad,
Cause' I think you're great,
I wanna...
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