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 ...double standard i guess...
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...why i don't ship it... bạn can thank the double standard...
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marshall lee
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jake vs. me-mow
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FOTM 13.11
(At the treehouse)
Finn: Jake I just miss...
(Cuts Finn off)
Jake: Flame Princess I know
Finn: I just have a feeling that I can't express, it just feels like I can't live without her
Jake: Hmm buddy I know it hurts but there are plenty of cá in the sea...
Finn: No! I just want her she just makes me complete
Jake: (Sighs)
Finn: I have to do something (Walks phía trước, chuyển tiếp the door)
Jake: Where are bạn going?
Finn: For a solution
( Finn goes to the kẹo Kingdom)
Banana Guard: Hello Finn
Finn: Let me through I have to talk with the princess!
Banana Guard: Alright then...
(Finn goes to PB's bedroom door...
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Before the nấm war it was about present time (around 2012-2020). One ngày missiles were sent to LA from North Korea which triggered a war! Then, all of Asia with Russia's support came after the US. Fortunately, the US had many support from Europe! One ngày during the war, many Russians teamed up with Koreans, Asians, etc. who live in the US, went and killed many Latinos and Americans citizens as if they were war enemies. Then years during the war, the US ran out of food! They would go to forests to find mushrooms to supply them for years because Mexico has been taken over and Canada also...
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posted by marksmen456
"Are... you... The Chaos King?" Asked Finn.

The Chaos King đã đưa ý kiến nothing, But stared at his surroundings.

"This place, It is much different then when I was last here, Last time I was here, There was a bunch of fire...." He said.

Jake whispered to Finn, "Dude, we should beat him up while he's talking, He IS the King of Evil."

"Let's do it!" Finn responded.

They both charged, The Chaos King simply raised his hand, They both froze in place, And made them both fly into the wall.

"Fools, bạn DARE challenge me?!" He yelled.

Finn growled, And charged again. Chaos King just backhanded him away. Jake caught...
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