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 Marshall lee and Fiona
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I a HUGE người hâm mộ of Marshall lee and Fiona!
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This Adventure Time bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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Dear Diary,

I really like this boy named Finn.He is such a hero in this land.He saved me millions of times and he calls me Princess.He always wears a green bapack and a white hat.Under it, he has long lucious blonde hair that is so soft.There is a kẹo cane ball coming up and I want him to be my date.I kissed him on the cheek one time when he did something really heroic.But cheek and lips are in dfferent areas.He also had this dog named Jake. Finn is the most hottest guy in the kingdom.
Ive really got the hots for him.Hes like a girls
best friend,chocolate.Im having a specialy made
dress to go to the ball.

(Pure FANFICTION) bình luận and tell me if I should
make a 16 & pregnant Finn and Princess Bubblegum
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Eep. D:
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princess bubblegum
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