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posted by redpanda
Flame Queen is still in the cage and light come on and Princess Bubblegum walks in.
"Hello Flame Queen." Flame Queen gasps. "Princess Bubblegum!" "Yes its me and Finn!" She đã đưa ý kiến suspiciously. Finn steps in. "I'm sorry." "Finn why would bạn dump water on me?" She đã đưa ý kiến sadly. "I ordered him to," PB said. "And I heard bạn got closer with Cinnamon Bun and he got fully baked." FQ was shocked. "How did bạn know?" She đã đưa ý kiến shockingly. "Someone told me and I'm not happy about it so guess what?" She đã đưa ý kiến angrily. "What?" She đã đưa ý kiến frightened...

Wait for part 3 coming soon to a land near you.
posted by emerald_32
As we all know (well, most of us if bạn didnt watch The Red ngôi vua, ngai vàng yet), Flame Princess rejected Finn once again. But now, Cinnamon Bun took Finn's place as the Princess's knight and champion. It was really heartbreaking for me, to see my ship sink down further.

I see other shippers of other ships, saying bad things about Finname, that it 'won't have a chance anymore' hoặc that, 'It's gone, deal with it!' and the like. But honestly, I don't care what you're going to say.

People know me as a huge Finname supporter, considered even the biggest here. And I won't give up on the Finname ship, no matter...
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Finn: Glob Jake! I'm starving! I want....

Jake: It's adventure time! *does a Derp face and pushes his jowls up his ears*

Finn: Don't EVER do that again. That *says in a corny way* "It's adventure time!" Saying is pissing me off. Jake, I'm 17. You're.....I don't even know. don't need to. That well that is....*chuckles darkly and grins like Ice King*

Finn: Alright then.....*rolls eyes* Want to go to the kẹo Kingdom and eat some thing.

Jake: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I'm a girl.....*pulls out a tutu and wears it* Do I look pretty?

Finn: No bình luận Jake. Just no comment.

Jake: *throws...
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posted by emarld-archer
Ok Sabastian and Chloe had gone to the jungle to tìm kiếm for that kẹo boy friend
Sabastian: xin chào chloe did u asked that boys name?
Chloe: Umm ok dang it forgot to ask his name
Sabastian: Now how will we find him in this forest and we cant even screem his name
Chloe: But we know that he is a kẹo element
Sabastian: How do u know that?
Chloe: (says it in a moody way) a kẹo came and ask us to find his friend u think a kẹo friend be who
Sabastian: Oh ya forgot about that
Bushes crumble
Sabastian: Did u here that?
Sabastian goes near to check it and then a zombie come near him
Sabastian: AHHHHHHHHHHH!...
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posted by emarld-archer
This must have been my first soo their should be a lot of mistakes could come
The story start like this
Where im i
What a cool breeze
The giường feels like a warm grass
???: Hey!
???: Hey! Wake up
Me: Huh what!
Me: where m i? How did i get here im i dead? Who are u? Are u an angle
???: My name is (u guys name coz i got nothing) and u are in in land of Ooo
Me: land of who? What kind of country name is this
???: not land od who land of ooo and who and what kind of element are u?
Me: my name if (again i got nothing) and i am a human
???: dont joke i and finn are the only guys who is human here and where do u...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
well this has been so damn long I forgot XD. So without further ado here I go

pickup from last time

Finn: bạn Decide...
Flame Princess: *thinking* uh? Finn do bạn like uh turkey (erebody does XD)
Finn: *realizing she dodged the question* I guess bạn don't want to decide then.
Flame Princess: There is a chance that if I went back he would rule and lock me up in the lantern. So I don't want that. And I know bạn wouldn't want that.
Finn: Your welcome to wait at the tree-house if bạn like?
Flame Princess: *blushes* okay Finn
Finn: *blushes*

as they start walking back they talk about what they have been...
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posted by Juvia_chan
xin chào guys this is my Article, The others are done, I tình yêu making Article, I'm going to do now my Article, Enjoy my reading,

~At the ngày at the kẹo forest~
David: Finn........If we like each other, Were going to hurt each other
Finn: Yeah i guess so, But back off at Princess Bubblegum
David: I will, Were now Những người bạn right?
Finn: Yeah

~Finn & David heard a bushes shaking, It was just Princess Bubblegum & Jake they were getting out at the bushes~
Pb: There bạn are david and bạn to finn
Jake: David me and PB was waiting for you, why are bạn so Late?
David: Sorry guys
Jake: What are bạn two talking...
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posted by marcelinerocker
xin chào Guys I'm very sorry for posting this for a long time I'm a really busy girl i have no time for going to my article

~Finn was still asleep Jake woke up early in the morning~
Jake: Finn bạn awake?
finn: I'm trying *yawn*
Jake: I'll cook breakfast
Finn: sure *yawn*
~Jake went downstairs and to the kitchen, Finn was still asleep~
Jake: FINN!!!! WAKE UP!!!!
Finn: AHH!! Okey i'm coming
~Finn went downstairs fast jake was already waiting at the phòng bếp, nhà bếp the breakfast was ready~
Finn: Why did bạn shut?
Jake: So bạn can be awaken
Finn: okey just stop it
Jake: *sigh* okey lets eat
~Finn and Jake are eating, Someone...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
I'm am so sorry about all of these parts it was meant to be 2 parts long XD

(back where we left off)
Finn: ARGH it's to confusing
takes of his backpack and throws it backwards
Finn: What should I do?
*walks up to house*
*gets ready to kick support beam*
Finn: No I can't do it........This was her trang chủ
*walks over to backpack*
there are items scattered everywhere in those items a bức ảnh of him and fp
*packs up the mess*
Finn: I've had enough.....I'm going home.
as he walks to his house he spots something strangely odd
*flame princess is in the distance walking to the house*
Finn: *sigh* Better see what she...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
Damn this is getting long it's only supposed to be two parts XD
(anyway back to were we left of)
Flame Princess: SHE WAS ASKING bạn TO KILL ME
Finn: I was getting to that (yelling angrily at her)
Finn:She didn't want to kill you, someone else did
Flame Princess: Who???
Finn: I wont tell bạn wont believe me anyway
(starts walking out)
Flame Princess: Wait Finn!!!
(sprints after)
Finn: *Hides 'till she walks away*
Flame Princess: *Sighs sadly* *Grabs something out of her pocket*
Finn: *tries to get a better look*
It is a bức ảnh that has been Chuyện thần tiên ở New York with flame shield.
It is a bức ảnh of her and Finn standing...
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posted by emerald_32
The world had turned so strange back in those lazy days. Flame Princess once assumed that her life would never change. It was the same everyday-locked in a lantern, a bunch of suitors wanting her heart, her father rejecting them...
But then there was one, in which her father finally allowed her to love. Which was a good news, also, since he was also the one she loved. That boy was Finn.
She was made of fire, yes, but then, she began to feel so warm inside.
It seems like all the sadness in her tim, trái tim transformed into that warm, fluffy feeling.

The Princess remembered the ngày when they watched...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
warning this may get confusing and it is about Finname...Like always

FOTM 11.13

(Finn sitting down looking at a window)
Jake:what's wrong bro?
Finn: I guess I miss Flame Princess thêm than anything....Just wish I could fix it up
Jake: So bạn want to like go back to the dream?
Finn: Yes thêm than anything
Jake: Well bạn know a while back how we were fighting the Lich
Finn: Yeah
Jake: Prismo gave me a note that says we can hang with him
Finn: Yeah....Wait could we like fix what happened
Jake: Well....Let's figure this out
Finn: well we got sent outside the kẹo kingdom so want to check if there is anything...
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So we left of when the mysterious white haired girl lwfted making everyone confused.

"Cho-Cho Ito? That's her name right.?" Finn said. PB says ''Yes she đã đưa ý kiến that Finn.'' Finn silence

In the middle sky.
"Cho Ito how dare bạn tell Finn his fate and try to stop it." A mysterious man đã đưa ý kiến smacking Cho in the face. Cho says "I can't let him die because he---they need him. bạn saw and *deeper demon voice* I'm not your puppet. The man says "JUGA JUGA BAKA!" banishing her.

On the Earth.

Cho falls on Finn when he is walking home. Cho blushes then smacks him.
Part 3 conning soon.
posted by AngelicWaffle
Fionna sat at her windowsill, dreading the fact that she woke up. Outside the clinks of swords echoed throughout the landscape as they hit the ground, when it rained swords she couldn't do anything.
"What bạn moping about girl?" Cat stood tiếp theo to Fionna, and passed her a cup of hot chocolate. Fionna took a sip, "Ugh! Cake bạn should know! I can't go outside, and BMO's on holidays....!"
Cake stroked her chin thoughtfully, "How about we... Hmm..." Cake stopped halfway, "Practice fighting?" Fionna sighed, "We did that yesterday!"
The swords rained harder outside, and their clinks turned into clanks...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
(back were we left off)

Pb: I never did that message
Finn: Prove it -_-
Pb:Okay I did it but bạn know how there is (faints)
Finn:Oh god trái chuối, chuối Guards
(couple hours later)
Pb: *wakes up*
Finn: So what happened in there?
Princess Bubblegum: Flame King
Finn: and what did he do
Princess Bubblegum: He wanted me to do it
Finn: Why would he want me to do that to his own daughter.......Princess let's go figure this out
(they head to the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy kingdom)
Flame Princess: Oh hi Finn
Finn: oh hi fp would bạn mind lowering your dad from th....
(sentence gets gut off)
Flame Princess: NO!!!!
Finn: No bạn will want...
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posted by pbadventure18
(ok last part boring but this part better, sorry for posting late)

(they were inside the lâu đài and emily looked around and saw little creatures made out of kẹo moving around playing then said:)

Emily: ok now i know im dreaming(stoppping and taking a step back)

Pb: hmm what is it?(stopping and looking back and stared at emily)

Emily: This is not real im dreaming , IM DREAMING!!! (she yelled then ran outside the castle, she ran through the streets)

Finn: Wait!(running after her)

(suddenly ran right into a post and blacked out)

(finn with jake carried her into the lâu đài and into the hospital wing...
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posted by marcelinerocker
Hi Guys Here is My Part 2, I didn't make the Part 2 in Friday cause of the typhoon and the blackout, I make My Part 2 today, okey Where was I?

( Finn and Jake wake up early in the morning)
Jake: Finn bạn awake?
Finn: Yeah
Jake: Let's go see BMO Downstairs
Finn: sure
( Finn & Jake went downstairs to see BMO)
BMO: ohh Hi Finn, Hi Jake
Finn: Hi BMO, What's for breakfast?
BMO: Pancake, and sausage
Jake: YEAH!!!! Sausage
( Finn, Jake, And BMO eat there breakfast, Someone knock at the door)
Jake: Finn someone is at the door?, Can bạn see who is it?
Finn: Sure
( Finn open the door and saw Peppermint Butler)...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
back from when we left of

Finn:What Have I done
Finn:notices something in the throne
Cosmic Owl: ooooo
Finn: Wait what
Finn: *wakes up*
the holo pendant is glowing
it is pb the message from the dream
Finn: I already broke up with her im not gonna make it any worse
Finn: This time it's gonna change
Jake: what's wrong
Finn: croak dream
Jake: dude there important
Finn: yep but this time it's gonna change
Finn heading to kẹo Kingdom
Finn: Let Me In
Banana guard: No
Finn: Why Not
Banana Guard:Lock down
Banana Guard:Pb said
Finn:*climbs wall*
Finn: *thinking* pb what's this about
*opens pb's room*
fire everywhere...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
first of all I am continuing my other người hâm mộ fiction I just havent got around to it so this is a new one while I think of what to do for tiếp theo enjoy :D

(Finn sitting at a table)
Jake: Finn bạn looked bummed what's wrong?
Finn: Well I cant do crap because what if I have another croak dream and destroy everything like me and flame princess *sigh*
Jake:But croak dreams dont happen usually there really rare bu..
(Finn cuts him off)
Finn: but I dont even want to risk it sure I could go and find out the ending but it will lead to hell
Jake: It wont bro
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posted by marcelinerocker
(PB has nothing to do the ball start in 10 days she must ready her Ball but she can't do it bởi herself she needs help)
Pb: ohhhh I need to ready my ball but I can't do it myself I need help hmmmmm (thinking) YES!!!!! I will call Finn and Jake they will surely Help me to Finish this.
(PB call Finn and Jake, But apparently nobody answer the phone, PB wonder where is Finn and Jake)
PB: Where is Finn and Jake?, Peppermint Butler!!
Peppermint butler: Yes My princess
PB: Will bạn go to Finn and Jake cây house
Peppermint butler: Yes my Princess
( Peppermint Butler went to Finn and Jake House...
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