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basically, everybody is monster whom attend schools and just fuck around with each other. Obviously, the RPer will be teachers whom interact with their creation aka our monsters! Provide a picture if you want, otherwise LET'S RP!

1. Introduce your OCs// You do not need to create a new account but if you want to. You may.


3. Sexual themes are welcome, however, with consent with the other parties.

4. DO not spam.

5. Honestly, everything plot wise is welcome if you have consent with other parties and do not spam.

Species: (Dullahan, Harpy, Centaur, Slime, etc. NO HUMANS, they can have human like qualities but no PURE-BLOODED HUMANS)

Classes you're taking:
Counselor: NOTE!! This is YOU, yes YOU, the CREATOR. You will have to be your little monster counselor so create a monster-sona for yourself! It'll be fun!
Club Activity:
Single or Taken or Crushing:


Have any quirks?
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hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Name: link
Species: Fox Spirit/Kitsuna
Age: 16 1/2
Gender: Male
Family: Only child, with two moms! link and link. He gets along with both his moms to a certain extent! He is still a growing boy.

Interest/Hobbies: Hunting, working with leather and reading
Classes you're taking: I haven't picked just yet! (i'm too damn lazy to think of any right now)
Counselor: link, okay, he's not really a Prince. Most students call him that because, whelp, he acts like a high class brat, and he's head of the Music department. Loki choose Kit, because in his words," the fucker killed the birds i was going to use in THE WINTER CONCERT. I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS KID'S SCHOOL LIFE HEEEEEEEEEEELLL." Note: Loki is a bunnbutt and true to his name, he is a certified trickster/prankster!
Grade: 11th
Club Activity: Going Home Club
Single or Taken or Crushing: None.

Personality: Kid who constantly sells himself short. Though many see him as brave, go-getter as well as adventurous! He considers himself to fall short to his moms legacies in being a famous for their Big Game hunts as well as inventions. Kit has a thirst for deeper understanding of topics that he enjoy. Though, he does not feel comfortable getting out his comfort zone. Kit tends to stray off from the pact, due to his curiosity. Long story short, Prim is an adventurous whom insecurities holds him back from achieving a greater means of nirvana with oneself. He does push himself to improve his being.
Background: He lived in the forest for quite some time of his life, there he lived with his mothers and hunt. Kit never really contact the civil world, until Vivi and Poca decided a life in wildness and without a proper education isn't proper for him. Despite the fact, that Poca was a self-taught chemist and machine-engineer and Vivi was formly a teacher up to the point where she began hunting down games. Kit does not know his dad nor does he wish to find it.

Have any quirks?
he is a natural on flute
Prim doesn't understand why Loki hates him, he was simply," eating so i don't strave."
Prim knows Morse Code
he has a craaaazy sweet tooth
from his dad (also a fox spirit, hence where he got the blue from), he picked up the element of fire. He has a bad habit of sitting stuff on fire :B
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hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Name: Any ideas???? I'm fresh out.
Species: Siren
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Interest/Hobbies: Swimming, Singing, and Sucking Souls from men...........and Screwing, but we won't count that one....yet.
Classes you're taking: I'M TOO LAZY TO THINK OF ANYTHING.....RAWR
Counselor: Flion ~ Yes, I am a winged fucking lioness.....but I have big ass wings and a beautiful mane, dammit!
Grade: 11th
Club Activity: She sings.....but she hates Glee Club. She also is on the swim team.
Single or Taken or Crushing: Single......but she has many "friends."

Personality: She is overly confident in herself; she is a huge tease and very sexual (hence her species). Very popular at school. She can be mean and spiteful at times......it depends on the person. She hates her meetings with Ms. Flioleo (ME) because the counselor tries to tell her not to whore herself out. She is insecure of her wings growing in and is causing her sexual desires to increase. She's also a good swimmer.
Background: Lived near the water with her fellow sister sirens and her Acquatic Greek Godfather....(I'll find the name later.....I need to brush up on some Mythology)
Have any quirks? Too many to count....
hơn một năm qua InfinityYJ said…
Name: Allison Cassie Dane
Species: Demon
Age: 15 1/2 (but she's only really been in the real world for like a month)
Gender: Female
Family: none motherfuckers

Interest/Hobbies: stabbing things, singing/playing guitar, and using her mental powers to pin people to walls so she can get by in the halls and stuff
Classes you're taking: guitar, world history, trig and track and field
Counselor: Her name is fuckin' Kira and she's a fuckin' half-gorgon lady with snakes for hair and she wears sunglasses so she doesn't turn people she likes into stone but otherwise Kira's just running around screaming at people she hates and turning douchewads into stone for like a couple hours or so.
Grade: 10th
Club Activity: Hellhound training, these invisible dogs aren't hurting you anytime soon
Single or Taken or Crushing: Single

Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, headstrong, but self-loathing and self-doubting. She fears that if she becomes to close to people she'll accidentally hurt them, so she sticks close to the shadows and hides away from most everyone.
Background: Born in hell, literally, and raised by a few other demons. About two months passed on earth, but it was around 16 years in hell, so when she got out through a devil's gate she was 15 or 16 (no one's actually sure so she just goes with 15 1/2). She actually killed her dad on accident, which is why she shys away from mostly everyone. Her powers are sorta outta whack (a demons powers are mental, mostly, but she shifts into invisibility), she can't control them very well, but she can't stand being lonely which is why she hangs out with hellhounds.
oh look a picture
 Name: Allison Cassie Dane Species: Demon Age: 15 1/2 (but she's only really been in the real world
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Sorry it's late, but I really wanna joinnnnnnnnnnnn.
Name: Aris Flanders
Species: Centaur (he wears a sweater vest)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Family: ...are centaurs born from other centaurs? or from a horse and a human? *so confused*
Well I’m just gonna go with the centaur parents..His mom is a chestnut centaur with dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes named link, his father a brown centaur with dark blue hair and light blue eyes named link. He has a younger sister named Marsa who’s around 10, she looks a lot like Herra.
Interest/Hobbies: eating food, music, arts, sweater vests
Classes you're taking: no fucking clueeeeee
Counselor: link, a giant squid monster who is clueless to social norms. I don’t know why she picked to be Aris’s counselor, considering that he knows more about the world than she does, but maybe she has a thing for sweater vests. She tries to befriend the students, and when that fails, the counselors, and under her silly and strange outer shell she just longs to fit in and be a good counselor. She is constantly correcting Aris’s grammar, and she hasn’t got a clue about pop culture.
Grade: Junior
Club Activity: what?
Single or Taken or Crushing: Single, we think. No one really knows for sure with him, or if he’s even straight. He refuses to talk about those things.
Personality: Aris is quiet, but not at all shy. He’s actually outgoing, he just doesn’t really like to talk. He has some trust issues, however, and he has a tough outer shell that’s hard to break through. He doesn’t feel like he really belongs anywhere, and he is very reserved although he’ll hang around people so that he isn’t off on his own. He can be violent, and he has a bad temper; he can also be cocky and confident when he thinks other people are being idiots. When set off, he can get very physical and he is always determined to have the last word (and punch) in a fight. He is fairly intelligent, more than he lets on, and he is very aware of what’s going on. He’s also quite observant, but he’s stubborn and doesn’t really accept help. He’s not so good with authority figures, and hates being bossed around.
Background: He spent most of his early life with his parents in the forest, hiding from humans and poachers. When his sister Marsa was born when he was 6, she quickly grew up to be spunky, adventurous, and always getting into trouble. Since he was in charge of taking care of her, she often got them both into dangerous situations, often involving humans. One time, the two found themselves being chased by hunters and separated from their parents. Aris somehow got separated from Marsa and had to live on his own for almost a year before he ran into a centaur that turned out to be a childhood friend of his named Mischa. Mischa and Aris lived together until it was revealed that Mischa had betrayed him and was leading him onto the path of hunters. Aris escaped the human hunters and once more lived on his own, but only for a few months, when he received a mysterious letter saying that he got a scholarship to the Monster Academy. He didn’t really want to go but he knew that it was the best thing to do with his life and he didn’t really have anywhere else to go.
Have any quirks?
He has a fetish for apples and leeks. Oh and trench coats. When he’s angry he tends to cuss a lot, and he really doesn’t give a shit about grammar. He paces in circles when he’s nervous, which can be really annoying as you can imagine because of his hooves. He has a collection of sweater vests, enough so he has a different color each day. He is fascinated by art and loves to listen to music, although he’s not a very good musician himself.
 Sorry it's late, but I really wanna joinnnnnnnnnnnn. Name: Aris Flanders Species: Centaur (he wears
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Loki: Okay, you little fuckass piece of shit. Don't fuck shit up for me, I got my title on the line for you. Do you understand me? <pushes into classroom> NOW DON'T FUCK THIS UP. <leaves>

Kit is now standing in the classroom entrance, gripping his shoulder trap he begins to make way towards the window sit. Until his foot got trap onto something, screaming he falls face first.
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris is seated at a desk in the classroom, absentmindedly doodling on the corner of a piece of paper. He looks up when he hears the scream, raising an eyebrow before returning to his drawing.
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Face growing a deep shade of red, he takes a seat next to Aris. Silently, he retracts all his stuff and neatly organizes them in an order that just clicks for the kid. After fumbling around with his notebook a couple of times, he glances at Aris. Sighing, he turns. Hand open, smile oh so wide," Hey, I'm Kit. You?"
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei stepped forward through the doorway, confidently holding her head high; her long, wavy hair fluttered in the random wind gusting against her face. She saw a centaur sitting next to a young fox-like chap that was a beat red shade. 'Well.......this should be interesting,' she thought to herself. She began to hum to herself.....to calm the nerves and draw their attention.
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hơn một năm qua InfinityYJ said…
Allison slumped lower in her seat, eyes closed and head leaned back. The back of the room was nice, cozy and dark, just the way she liked it. Not to mention the certain lack of people. She heard a scream, and snickered thinking of all the reasons that scream could have been emitted. Although the list was rather small, it did brighten up her day a little. She hated that. What would send her back into darkness, she wondered.. ah. Yes. Annoying humming person. Perfect.
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris looks up at the fox-thing that has sat down next to him. Must be the guy who screamed he thinks. He's grinning, and Aris isn't sure if he likes that, so he just shrugs, mumbles "Aris" and looks back to his drawing. A humming, which starts quietly but seems to grow louder and louder, fills the room, and once Aris starts to think about how annoying it is, he can't get it out of his head. Eventually he's had enough. Not caring if he gets in trouble for it, he loudly growls, "Would you quit it with the fucking HUMMING?!"
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei stuck her nose up at the grumpy foal. Her voice was supposed to enchant him; oddly enough.......it did not work. She peered around the room and noticed movement in the darkness towards the back. Another one......great. Seeing as these "things" couldn't be enthralled.....yet, she took a seat at the opposite end of the classroom in the front. She whipped out her book and covered her face in it. From the looks of the class, it would be another lonely year for the young siren.
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Startle, Kit's ears twitch to Aris sudden outburst. Whether or not the humming had bother him, Kit felt as though the outburst was unneeded. Glancing to the far side of the room, he couldn't help but to pout at the siren's sudden silence. Pulling his chair back, he made way towards the siren. Crouching beside her desk, Kit rested his chin onto the wood and whisper," pssst. you okay?"
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei peered up from her book to see young Kit's face. She grinned to herself; she lowered her book. "Peachy........and who might you be?"
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
"I'm Kit, like the Kit Kat Bars. Whatcha reading?" Kit stands. As in the attempt to impress Lorelei, he leans a single hand onto the desk however, without realizing it he toss his hand into the air. Before catching himself, the floor caught his back.
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris looks up from his drawing, which has somehow turned from a rather anatomically-incorrect sketch of Calamari Jones, his counselor, fucking Prince Loki against the wall into Lorelei-the-annoying-hummer wearing a trench coat (and it's fucking hot, dammit). He laughs inwardly seeing Kit on his ass on the floor for the second time this morning, but quickly focuses his attention on fixing the angle of one of the buttons on sketch-Lorelei's coat just above the navel. Grunting in frustration when he can't get the hair to curl right, he crumples the drawing and shoves it inside his backpack. She doesn't deserve to be drawn in a trench coat, anyway.
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei giggled at Kit's name........it made her hungry......very hungry for a soul. She then saw Kit slowly fall to the floor. Lorelei jumped up and peered at Kit as he laid on the floor. She reached out her hand. "You okay?"
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris pulls a new sheet of paper from his binder and looks around the room, trying to figure out who to draw. His last Lorelei drawing didn't exactly work out too well, and he didn't really feel like drawing Kit...his eyes land on a dark corner in the back of the room, where he can just make out the outline of a girl sulking in the darkness. Perfect. And she's far enough away, and too absorbed in her own sulkiness, that she probably won't notice him staring. He looks at her and begins to draw. He's so focused that partway through, he is completely oblivious to what's going on that he hardly notices when she suddenly disappears.
hơn một năm qua InfinityYJ said…
Allison wasn't exactly appreciating of the fact that the horse-kid had started to draw her. Feeling his eyes settle on her a couple of times, she sighed, and, when he turned away, shifted the light around her to camouflage herself. She stepped away from her desk and made her way over to the kid's-- what was his name, Aris?-- desk, and went around to look at what he'd done. "Your anatomy's a little off," she murmured.
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei helped Kit off of the ground and then took it upon herself to brush him off. She patted his back and massaged his shoulders. "There you go......good as new," she said with a wink. "Let's go check out what the pony is doodling."
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Kit begans to dust off his attire and was quickly lead by Lorelei. His wrist ringing by the smoothest flesh he's ever swipe, suddenly realizing he was touching flesh with a girl. That wasn't niether or his moms, Kit face began to grow rosy. "Uhhh, okay!" he squeak.
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris nearly jumps out of his skin, momentarily terrified before realizing it's only the sulky girl he was drawing. But how the fuck did she get over here? "Uh..thanks?" he gives a weak smile to the girl, fixing a few details and looking up for her approval. He senses the annoying hummer girl and Kit approaching, but he blocks them out, focusing on his drawing.
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei snuck up behind Aris. She glanced down at his drawings..........one of them looked like a distorted version of her, but all she could make out was the head. The rest was covered by his other doodles. "Nice drawing.........." Lorelei stayed silent for a moment, and then she felt Aris's sweater vest. "Sorry....I like the color. It suits you."
hơn một năm qua InfinityYJ said…
Allison's eyes flicked upwards towards Kit and Lorelei as they approach, then backs away from them a little, moving closer to a more secluded area of the room. It wasn't because she disliked them, really, she was just a non-social type of demon. She shifted a bit, trying to make herself unnoticed but not completely unseen.
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
"You should join art, Aris. Maybe then you could draw all the sweater vest to you hearts content!" Kit giggled, after he retrieve his wrist back. He opens up his mouth only to cease, Kit's tails began to quiver and quickly straighten out. Mumbling he began to look around and until he caught her, dtanding a little further back. Kit called out to the void," Hey, why don't you join u-" He was inturrupted by a slam of a door and scammper of paws.
"Okay, okay. Everybody set down, and how about we introduce ourselves." Silently everybody return their seat. Before taking his seat, Kit look back to see her once more. "Who would like to go first?"
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
Aris looks up at where Kit scampered away, and his eyes sweep over to the teacher, not really seeing her. He can already tell it's going to be a boring year. He drums his fingers on the desk, annoyed and ready to be done with this school shit.
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hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei saw the teacher come in, and quickly darted back to her desk. She really hoped this teacher wouldn't be a ball buster. ;D
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
((RANDOM QUESTION: Who's playing the teacher!?!?!?))
hơn một năm qua AislingYJ said…
((Dammmmmmmmmmn how'd we let this thing die?????? ;-; I guess I'll be the teacher????)) Aris looks up, and his stomach sinks. There, standing at the front of the class, ruler clutched tightly in a mottled blue tentacle tapping against the teacher's desk, is none other than his counselor, Calamari Jones. He groans.
"Morning everyone! First day of school is just so exciting isn't it?" Calamari, ahem, Ms. Jones, giggles, a toothy grin plastered on her squidlike face, eyes bulging. Aris mumbles something, but she doesn't seem to hear. "No more time-wasting summer, it's so much fun to go back to learning exciting things! What do you kids even need summer for? Kids these days, with their Minestuck and their Homecrafts, Youlock and Shertube. Learning is so much more fun!" She accompanies this with a high pitched giggle, the sound grating and echoing around the classroom. Aris resists the urge to slam his head on his desk. It's going to be a long year.
hơn một năm qua InfinityYJ said…
Allison grumbled softly, sinking even futher into her chair. She did not like this class, she didn't like the people, she didn't like the school. Ugh, how many more years of this?
hơn một năm qua -BelovedRobin said…
Having lost interest Kit started to gaze outside the window, wondering just when will this period end. When will this school end? Most of all, when can he eat? His stomach was eating itself so badly that he started contemplating if it was really that bad if he would eat Ms.Jones. Sighing but soon after he slammed his fist onto the table, growling he began to slide out of his seat. "Kit, sit your ass down." Loki command from across the very room that hoarded the window Kit's body hang from. He was clawing out at the senior harpies, believing they were food. Instinctly, they flew higher and futher from the straving fox. Desperate, he pumped up his kicks onto the ledge and began to leap.
hơn một năm qua bakes2389 said…
Lorelei slowly put her head on her desk. School was just beginning and she felt the need to sleep. She was weak; she hadn't sucked out a soul in days. How long could she bear the agony? She looked up as she noticed an eccentric looking girl shuffle into the class late.
As she nodded at the teacher, identifying herself as Remy Cane, she quickly sat in the seat beside Lorelei.
Lorelei thought to herself: what a perfect morsel to work with......I'll suck her dry by the end of the day.
Little did Lorelei know, Remy was on a hunt for a soul as well.