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posted by AislingYJ
Just a one-shot I wrote today because I was bored. Fandom is Sherlock, and it's set during Reichenbach. Semi-AU. Warning: death. Oh and it's stream-of-consciousness, which is why it seems kind of jumbled and fragmented.
Agony. Burning. Heat of a million flames. Panic. Pain.
I'm here.
Sherlock. I'm here.
Struggling to open my eyes, blinking out the blood seeping into my vision. Fiery pain, pain everywhere. Easier to keep them closed.
I'm here, Sherlock. I'm here.

Sweat, blood, dirt, become one with the shrieking agony. I'm ready to give up, to end this all, but my body is still struggling. Just causes thêm pain. Can't my damn tim, trái tim just stop?
Stay with me, Sherlock. Please. Stay with me.
Right. That's why it won't stop yet. John.
It's all wrong. Everything has gone wrong. I wasn't supposed to fall, not like this. There was--a truck...supposed to land on the truck. How did I miscalculate? And John wasn't supposed to get here. Bike was supposed to hit him, slow him down. Would make it easier if he's not here, holding my broken body...the doctors...where did they go?
Sherlock...Sherlock, look at me. Sherlock, don't leave me. Sh-Sherlock...
No--I can't...Bleeding out. Darkness.

Why...why does it still hurt? Numb. Open my eyes, but I can't see. Can't feel. Can barely hear...it's all muffled. Static?
I think I'm in a hospital...
I don't think he can hear me. He might be holding me---I might be on a bed--can't feel anything. I sense him. Please end this.
Sherlock, they can save you. You'll be okay. Don't leave me.
Waiting to die. Waiting for my body to give up. Don't--don't save me. I can't be saved. This has to end. I need this to end.
Pain. Beeping. tim, trái tim monitor? thêm pain. I don't know if John's still there. Cold. Heat.
Sherlock. Please.
I'm losing my hearing now too. Cold. Dying, I hope. Nothing left but my mind. That'll be gone too. Numb.
Empty. Jumbled. Nothing makes sense. Pain.
Can't sort out my thoughts anymore.
Holocaust? What? Fabric coming undone, mind palace crumbling, facts everywhere.
1976. What happened then? 18 million corpses. Gravestones. Zoo? Gorilla...gorilla enclosure. Mycroft.
Jupiter...solar system. Thought I deleted that.
Shut up Anderson.
Shock...blanket. Cold war. Triple...Triple Alliance? Queen of England...crumpets. Evacuate. Biohazard. Dysfunctional.
Afghanistan. Lotus, Black Lotus. Brick wall, they're pushing me. Trains. Bones. Skull. The skull.
Pink, scarlet. Phone. Yellow paint. Tea...teapots. Antique. Circus. Game. Bomb. Woman. Sheets...cat. Airplane, bodies. Hound.
White walls, white lights. Ears? Painting. Cuff links. Jail, trial. Code...Morse Code. Building. Screaming...maybe that's my own.
Apple. IOU. Angels. Wings. Blood. Pain.
1492? Tape...Monkey, phone box. Fez?
Agony. Numb. Cold. Dark. Kill me.
Numbers. Binary. Kill me.
Gray eyes, dark. Blonde hair, sagging skin. Kill me.
Tears. Sweat. Pain. Kill me.
Life hurts, everything hurts. Black eyes, gray eyes, blue eyes. Kill me.
Taxi...taxi cab. Gun. Flames. Blood. Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.

added by godmor
I am planing to write somekind of schi fi fic, so see this as a spoiler.
I've decided to do a sort of 30 ngày Sherlock challenge with myself (only I probably won't đăng tải every day) where I write 30 short one-shots about Sherlock. They'll probably mostly be angsty and sad because I like that, and some might be Johnlock. If you're wondering why this is part 2, it's 'cause I'm including link as part 1.
After Sherlock fell, everything went dark. John dimly remembers gloved hands, probably belonging to one of the paramedics, gripping him tightly as he sagged towards the ground, unable to tear his eyes away from the broken body. But his vision was going dark, his...
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posted by GlitterPuff
She didn’t know what to do. Sitting on her bed, she stared down at the single rose in her hand. It was short stemmed, the thorns neatly cut off so she wouldn’t get pricked. The petals were a light pink, still bright with color since morning when it was được trao to her. She sighed, twirling the stem between her fingers. This girl, Haleigh, gave it to her. Haleigh seemed to be in tình yêu with her and she had no idea what to do about it.

She could reject her. But she feared that Haleigh could do something rash and she didn’t want to be the cause.

She could say yes.

But she didn’t know her feelings...
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posted by godmor
This is a database fore all the important info, factions, weapons, races, basally everything on my new Shy Fy fic (serie), it has no tiêu đề yet, but this database will be updated regularly as the fic takes shape, so please check in regularly, hoặc if bạn prefer I could notify bạn bởi posting on the club tường in case of an update, pleas let me know in the commends whit's one bạn prefer. ( thêm races will be adet I got them worked out just not the names fore them when I got Thad I will post them.) Oke now her is the info:

Very short backstory: basikly the fic is about a coalition of races both human...
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posted by AislingYJ
Sorry it took so long...I got really lazy and stuff but it’s finished now! Warning: cussing (that’s as far as it goes for mature content) and LOTS of feels. Part one is link.
Vic's tim, trái tim skips a beat. No. It can't-- but she's--
But the message is there, plain as day, as real as the sun in the sky and the hope in his heart. His first thought is that it's a fake, an imposter, trying to lure him into a trap. His head is telling him to stay in the safety of the flat, but his tim, trái tim is screaming for him to go to the café. He decides to trust his heart, hoping with...
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This is a very tiny list, read ending notes below. I'll be adding thêm songs as I find them! If song has been used, there will be a link to the fic.

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Discord - Tombstone Remix
Burn It Down - Linkin Park
Re-Education (Through Labour) - Rise Against
Satellite - Rise Against
Riot - Three Days Grace

King - Lauren Aquilina
Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon
Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
Audience of One - Rise Against

Mentor to mentee
You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring

New Divide -...
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added by AislingYJ
Source: Me! (made with Deviantart Muro)
posted by AislingYJ
xin chào guys! Long time no see, eh?
So I just got back from this nghề viết văn camp and the hot guys there as well as this one couple that I just shipped so fucking hard (not to mention lack of sleep) inspired me to make a boyband! Um...not sure why. But yeah. Here's the guide to this boy band, Stasis. bạn might be getting some drabbles (and smut) on them later hehe

The Members:
Name: Jonathan Lemberg
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Skin: pale
Hair: black, curly, messy.
Eyes: dark brown
Accessories: glasses
Instrument: drums, singing

Name: Andrew D'Lacey
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Skin: light
Hair: blonde/dirty blonde, straight, kinda...
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added by AislingYJ
'Specially in my two-shot, So Far Away. tình yêu this song!
so far away
mayday parade
the memory
posted by -BelovedRobin
The problem with insomnia is you’re awake. Fully functional and aware to every beat, thump, pump, slick, lick, rick, prick, oh now you’re just getting wordy aren’t you? That’s the thing, bạn are as awake as bạn are asleep, you're neither. diễn xuất out on muscle memory as bạn slug through the day, never were bạn fully asleep hoặc fully awake. You’re just there. Like an single Slash mark in the world, adding yourself, thinking bạn belong when really, you’re just a number.

A number that no one will ever count on.

No one will rely on.

Lean on.

Carry on.

Just striding on your senseless body and...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Sunday night, 8 p.m. sharp you're there with your face pressed against Equius' sweaty chó cái, bitch tits as he holds bạn like the baby.

6 months back, Equius Mất tích both of his testicles and since then he Mất tích his wife, Aradia, and daughter, Nepeta. bạn only remebered their names because thats all he talks about. Well that and his glory days as a fucking nước ép, nước trái cây head, bạn mean "competitive body builder." However, unlike other bodybuilders Equius' has tits. Hormone therapy came along with a side of high testosterone and because of that, his body had to kick up the estrogen to maintain balance.

Equius' big...
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