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posted by cressida
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenager Daughter will be one of those hidden gems of television; a fantastic hiển thị with poignant stories that, unfortunately, will never be discovered bởi most ti vi viewers. I have never been a big người hâm mộ of sitcoms with laugh tracks but this quickly become one of the few shows that made me laugh heartedly along.

Then came the death of John Ritter.

I don't believe I have ever cried as much as when I watched the episode "Goodbye", the tragic episode that incorporated Ritter's untimely death into the Hennessy family. It was so emotionally horrible. There were several...
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Season One:
Paul Hennessy is going to work in his living room while his wife, Cate, goes back to working as a nurse. Being at trang chủ all the time, Paul is now the one who takes care of his two daughters, Bridget and Kerry, and his son, Rory. During all of season one, we see Paul's parenting skills at work. Later in the season finale, Paul finds a pregnancy test in the trash can, and thinks that it's either Bridget hoặc Kerry's, when he finds out that it is actually Cate's.

Season Two: In the first episode of season two, Cate awaits to find out whether she is pregnant hoặc not. When Bridget Kerry and...
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The thảo luận that still goes on today is if 8 Simple Rules should have been cancelled right after the "Goodbye" episode.
In my opinion, I think it was the right decision to keep the hiển thị going because 8 Simple Rules is my absolute yêu thích show. Even though the death of John Ritter was really sad, and the hiển thị was never really as funny when he was gone, but to me, the hiển thị wasn't terrible with the add of James Garner and David Spade.
What do bạn think? Should the hiển thị have ended with the "Goodbye" episode, hoặc have kept' going, like it did?
posted by Zashleyfan16
Here is a danh sách of the names of every episode ever made of 8 Simple Rules:

Season 1:
1: Pilot
2: tường of Shame
3: Bridget's First Job
4: Wings
5: Son-In-Law
6: Cheerleader
7: Trick hoặc Treehouse
8: bởi the Book
9: Two Boys for Every Girl
10: Give It Up
11: Paul Meets His Match
12: All I Want for Christmas
13: Rory's Got A Girlfriend
14: Career Choices
15: Kerry's Big Adventure
16: Come and Knock on Our Door
17: tay trống Boy (Part 1)
18: tay trống Boy (Part 2)
19: Cool Parent
20: Every Picture Tells A Story
21: Kerry's Video
22: Good Mom's Gone Wild
23: Career Woman
24: Queen Bees and King Bees
25: Bake Sale
26: The Doyle Wedding...
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